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First things first, what is an engagement shoot?

Many photographers offer an engagement session to their fiances. Actually, it is really just a couple photoshoot with your wedding photographer. 

You can pretty much do this shoot from the day of your engagement, to juste a few days before getting married. 

You could even use the photos for your save the date or wedding invitations. 

Séance photo couple mariage suisse
Swiss destination wedding photographer engagement shoot
Swiss destination wedding photographer engagement shoot

Ideal for you, but also for your wedding photographer

It’s the perfect occasion to meet your photographer, have a little drink, chat and take some laid-back pictures. 

This allows you to create a real connection, away for the stress you might have on your wedding day. You’ll see how the flow goes and I you are a match! 

You could also take advantage of the moment to talk about your big day, your wishes, ask the last questions that you still have for your photographer. 

The shoot will probably reassure you a lot! You’ll see that your photographer will make you feel really confortable, that you don’t need to know how to pose in order to have beautiful images. 

Once you’ll see the result, your wedding pictures won’t feel like a border anymore. You’ll even be excited for the couple’s session! 

So, when your photographer will arrive on your wedding, I promise you : you’ll be so happy to have him! You’ll remember the nice experience of the session and the connexion you created. 


The purpose of this engagement session, is really to live a beautiful experience as a couple, accompanied by your wedding photographer. 

I have a storytelling approach, when documenting my couple. This means that I really want to serve my client, to be able to offer them pictures that tell their story.  Their passions, their complicity, their love. 

This is why I really love to show the things they love trough the experience and the pictures. I wan 

Pour cela, ce que j’aime particulièrement faire lors de ces séances, c’est mettre en valeur des choses que vous apprécier partager ensemble. Cela vous crée des beaux souvenirs, dans lesquels vous replonger plus tard et faire découvrir à vos enfants plus tard les passions que vous avez en commun. 

Vous aurez donc de jolis clichés pour vous replonger dans votre histoire. Des photos qui vous ressemblent à 200% à envoyer aux copains pour votre Save The date, pour l’invitation à une fête de fiançailles si vous en faites une ou pour votre mariage civil. Vous emménagez dans un nouveau chez vous juste après le mariage ? Affichez quelques photos de couple dans votre petit cocoon et vous vous y sentirez tout de suite bien !

Furthermore, at your wedding day we really want to create an intimate moment during the couple session. A moment far away from the rush where you can be yourself and let your heart speak its emotions. 

I really think this is more difficult to get, when you just met your photographer the same day. Even if we are used to this, and we are doing a create job to make you feel comfortable, the trust is different with someone you already know. 

This is also why I like to send a little questionnaire to the couple before the engagement session, in other to get to know them better. If you play along, if you let your guards down and let me enter your intimacy, you’ll notice the result is amazing. 

Make sure to discuss the details of your engagement session with your photographer, in other to find the spot that speaks to your couple. You are adventurous? Tae my with you on a hike, on a boat … whatever you love. I’ll be so grateful to go with you and create these amazing memories. 

You’re more in the mood for intimate breakfast, cooking together or snuggling on the couch? This session can also take place at home.

I really think, this session is the last step to go hand in hand in all trust till the wedding day. 

So, there was my little advice to help you getting ready for your wedding day. 

Please share to your friends who are getting married, this might be useful to them! 

Please contact me if you have any question about my way of working, or if you want me document your wedding day! 

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