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Eleonore Langlois Photographe

... that's me!

Eleonore Langlois Photographe

... Thats' me!

I am Eléonore, 26 yo and mother of two toddlers.

I studied physiotherapy, with I still practice 3 days a week. 

I have always been passionate about photography. As far as I can remember I have been taking pictures. Probably because I have a really bad memory. 

I am outgoing and dynamic. Really passionate and emotive, I commit to everything I do at 200%. 

My favorite thing to capture are candid pictures, emotions, people connecting. I want to offer you souvenirs that you can cherish for life, that will bring you joy and emotions. To connect you to your love, to what matters most in life and to be able to share these. 

I speak French, English and Dutch

My dreams 

Connecting with people. getting to know the couples and become friends, that they will come back after their wedding to trust me with newborn sessions, and allow me to document their limestone moments. 

Document birth giving!! 

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