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My first proposal shoot in Vevey.

He asked to marry her... from New York to Switzerland!

This story is completely crazy. The kind of movie-feeling story. 

Wednesday morning, as I open my inbox, I see an email sent out yesterday in the middle of the night. It’s not as weird as it seems. Nirav actually lives in New York. He found me via instagram and got I touch. He arrives on Thursday, so the day after I open the email. He’s planning on asking his girlfriend to marry him. 

Swiss wedding proposal photographer
Swiss wedding proposal photographer

Nirav and Eshana, are an Indian couple living together in NY. But Eshana took a few days (or weeks?) of at her parents house, in the cute little lakeside town of Vevey (Switzerland). Nirav, who had never even been to Switzerland, wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a romantic proposal with a breathtaking view on lake and mountains. We talked a lot over email, about how everything should go, and met a few hours later in Vevey. It was supposed to rain for the next 3 days, so we didn’t have much time to choose a moment and organise. 

Swiss wedding proposal photographer

Once we had decided on the exact spot where he was going to propose, I hid. He went to meet Eshana and they started walking towards me. Until… I see them going in the opposite direction that we had planned. So I tried to follow them, like a paparazzi. Not to close, button to far, in case he changed his mind on the proposal « spot ». 

It was just a false alarm… So a few moments and a discreet text later, they were back on track. 

They had a little walk, and then he popped the engagement ring! I took some pictures form further away, and then ran to get some closer shots. Eshana was so surprised!! She had noooo idea it was going to happen, at least not at that moment. Let alone, that Nirav hired me!! So much emotions, pushed Eshana to have a little waffle and start realizing… It is the start of a new adventure of a lifetime!! 

It was time to pop the champagne and celebrate!! I wish you all the best dear nirvana and Eshana! 

Swiss destination wedding photographer engagement shoot
Wedding lifestyle photographer Lausanne

I love sharing these little stories, to inspire you and to show the beautiful things in life. 

I would love to document your proposal, or even just give you some romantic memories. 

Please get in touch!

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