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Capturing Vintage Romance: A Ski Engagement Photoshoot in Leysin, Switzerland

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As a photographer, there are moments when you embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary. Recently, I had the privilege of capturing such a moment—a vintage ski engagement photoshoot on the top of la Berneuse, at Leysin, Switzerland. This adventure was not just about snapping photos; it was about weaving a story of love, nostalgia, and breathtaking beauty. 

From the moment the couple chose me as their wedding photographer for their December nuptials, I knew our collaboration would be something special. I love to create unique experience and for me engagement session really need to match the couple’s personality and story. That’s why I suggested to have an adventurous, vintage ski engagement session, which they immediately LOVED !  

Our journey began with a scenic train ride up to la Berneuse, juste above Leysin, a charming Swiss town nestled in the heart of the Alps. Despite the ice cold January air, the sun bathed the landscape in a warm glow, promising a day filled with magic and romance.

As we ascended the mountain, the view became more awe-inspiring with each passing moment. Snow-capped peaks stretched as far as the eye could see, while the crisp mountain air invigorated our senses. It was a scene straight out of a fairytale—a perfect backdrop for our vintage ski-themed photoshoot. The cherry on top was for sure the last part in the gondola lift. 

Once on top of the Berneuse, Aura and Tim he changed in their vibrant eighties ski outfits, each garment bursting with colors that added a playful touch to the snowy landscape. Their attire transported us back in time, evoking a sense of nostalgia for an era filled with carefree charm and adventure. 

Against this backdrop of natural beauty and retro flair, we embarked on our photoshoot. With every click of my camera shutter, I sought to capture the essence of their love—the way their eyes sparkled with joy as they laughed and embraced amidst the snow-covered slopes. We had such a fun time creating candid memories!! ⛷️❄️


As we were really freezing and the sun was lowering, we wrapped up our photoshoot with hearts full of gratitude and memories to last a lifetime. Together, we had created something truly special—a visual testament to the couple’s love and the breathtaking beauty of the Swiss mountains. 

Once we were back in Leysin, we couldn’t resist to pop the champagne to celebrate love, and have a little snowball fight! Before taking the last shuffle back to Lausanne. 

I am grateful to have been a part of this magical journey, and I eagerly await the opportunity to capture even more moments of love and adventure when December 2024 rolls around and this beautiful and charming couple says “I do” amidst the snowy winter wonderland.

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